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is an acid zinc plating process developed for barrel and rack applications. Deposits are fully bright over a wide range of current densities. Corrosion resistance can be improved considerably by post treatment with Atotech UNICHROME chromates.


ZYLITE 11-50

Is a unique potassium chloride zinc plating process that produces ultra bright, leveled deposits at both ambient and elevated temperatures. This highly efficient process deposits zinc on a wide spectrum of steel and iron base metals, including hard-to-plate cast or malleable iron and carbon nitrided steels. ZYLITE 11- 50 operates over a wide range of concentrations, providing flexibility, economy, and ease of control for barrel and rack zinc plating. This highly conductive and very stable process offers benefits unmatched by conventional acid zinc plating systems.



Bright Acid Zinc Plating Process The ZYLITETM 290 bright acid zinc process produces brilliant deposits over a wide range of current densities in both rack and barrel plating operations. The brighteners operate with both ammonium and non-ammonium systems.


Protolux 3200

Process uses a single additive, concentrated liquid Maintenance system to produce an exceptional zinc deposit. The Protolux 3200 process has excellent throwing properties and is recommended for use on complex components and applications such as computer cabinets. It is particularly well suited for high thickness deposits in excess of 0.0006” (15 microns). It performs equally well in barrel and rack installations.




Other products are available. Please call for information. 918-455-4411

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