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Powder/Paint Pretreatment

Unicoat CTR

UniCoat® CTR is a phosphorous-free process that simultaneously cleans and deposits a zirconium oxide coating on steel, zinc, magnesium and aluminum parts, enhancing the performance of subsequent organic finishes.  It is designed for application using recirculating spray washer systems with multiple processing stages (two, three and four stages) and offers similar cleaning performance to conventional alkaline cleaning for the removal of various organic soils.  Also, it provides an excellent base prior to wet painting or powder coating and will significantly enhance adhesion and corrosion resistance when compared to iron phosphates. UniCoat ® CTR is supplied as an easy-to-use liquid system.


Uniprep 310

UniPrep® 310 is a highly alkaline liquid cleaner formulated for spray applications. Its unique formulation can be used for immersion cleaning with proper agitation. The high detergency of UniPrep 310 provides excellent performance on a wide variety of soils. UniPrep 310 is developed for use on ferrous substrates. UniPrep 310 is ideal as the first step in a paint pretreatment system. It can significantly reduce scale, sludge, and waste typical of conventional phosphate processes prior to paint or powder coating.


Unispray AAL

UniSpray AAL is a liquid acid cleaner designed for use in high pressure washing applications. Specially selected detergents promote quick penetration and removal of difficult soils to hasten processing time. This allows for lower operating temperatures. UniSpray AAL incorporates an effective and unique blend of acids to remove oxides, heat scale, flux residues and stains from ferrous and most non-ferrous substrates. After processing in UniSpray AAL, metallic surfaces will be lightly colored and smut-free. UniSpray AAL contains conditioners to allow use in hard water areas. Additional advantages of UniSpray AAL include: • Highly concentrated • Recommended for use on the following metals - steel, alloy steels, aluminum, brass, copper and titanium • Lower processing temperatures • Shorter processing times • High soil loading • Provides effective short term corrosion inhibition


Uniprep AP 100

UniPrep® AP 100 is a water-soluble liquid concentrate that promotes adhesion of organic coatings on exposed steel, aluminum and brass surfaces. UniPrep AP 100 leaves a clear film that will not stain surfaces after air oven drying.


Interlox 5707

INTERLOX 5707 is a chrome-free/phosphate free conversion coating on aluminum, aluminum alloys, zinc, and steel. INTERLOX 5707 will significantly enhance the corrosion protection of both cast and wrought aluminum alloys. INTERLOX 5707 provides an excellent base prior to wet painting or powder coating on aluminum, zinc, and steel.

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