Etch/Etch Extenders

Cee Bee A-504 NP

Cee Bee A-504 NP is a powdered, alkaline etchant for aluminum where cleaning and etching are required. This product produces a fine etch on aluminum and its alloys.


AN200 Alkaline Etch

AN200 is a proprietary powder etch that provides a consistent, even, matte finish. AN200 prevents the sludge and scale buildup normally associated with caustic etching.


AN210L Alkaline Aluminum Etch

AN210L is a proprietary liquid etch designed for ease of use. Easily added to the bath by tank-side additions or metering, AN210L eliminates the dusting often associated with powdered etch. AN210L is formulated to prevent sludge and scale. Parts processed in AN210L have a smooth, even matte finish.


AN250L Etch Extender

N250L is an etch additive formulated to prevent sludge and scale while significantly extending the etch bath life. AN250L provides better bath control and allows the operation of the etch bath at higher levels of dissolved aluminum. This reduces the necessity of dumping or decanting the tank. This, in turn, reduces waste treatment costs versus straight caustic soda or other proprietary etches. Additionally AN250L saves money as it is designed to be operated most cost effectively when used with plain caustic soda (AN250L can also be used with proprietary etches such as AN200).






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