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Electroless Nickel


is an advanced, bright medium phosphorous electroless nickel-plating process. NICHEM 1123 is specially formulated to meet the ELV, WEEE, and RoHS Directives, when operated as described herein. As supplied, the NICHEM 1123 process contains no intentionally introduced lead, mercury or cadmium salts.



is an advanced electroless nickel-plating process specially formulated to deposit a bright, medium phosphorus-nickel alloy on aluminum and ferrous based substrates by means of autocatalytic reduction. Under optimum conditions, the NICHEM 2500 process is capable of deposition rates up to 0.001 inches per hour without sacrificing bath stability. On aluminum alloy substrates, the best deposit properties are obtained at deposition rates of 0.0008 inches per hour or less.



Nichem MP 1188 is an electroless nickel process which provides a bright finish with a phosphorus content of 6 – 8 %. 1188 does not contain deliberately added lead or cadmium and therefore complies with the international ELV regulations (End of Life Vehicle) as well as the RoHs / WEEE directive. Nichem MP 1188 is a user-friendly ammonia based pH self-regulated process with wide operation window and high bath stability and is especially suited for use at low bath loading. Nichem MP 1188 is tolerant to zinc contamination and therefore suitable for direct plating on aluminum without nickel strike. Stays BRIGHT through 10 MTO’s.


NICHEM 5100-1

is an advanced electroless nickel-plating process specially formulated to deposit a semi-bright, high phosphorus-nickel alloy exhibiting high intrinsic corrosion resistance.



is an alkaline electroless nickel strike system suitable for plating thin coatings on aluminum alloys before conventional electroless nickel plating.



GemENi® Black is a low phosphorus electroless nickel plating process especially formulated to deposit a black finish when processed through the GemENi® Black PD solution.


NICHEM GemENi Niflor 11 PF

GemENi Niflor® 11 PF is a fast plating rate autocata- lytic NiP-PTFE composite alloy coating process offering excellent dry sliding properties and a low friction coeffi- cient. A uniform and extremely wear resistant coating is deposited on metal components of even the most complex shape. With the simultaneous deposition of phosphorus the corrosion resistance of nickel is increased significantly.



is an advanced electroless nickel-plating process specially formulated to deposit a semibright to matte, low phosphorus-nickel alloy by means of autocatalytic reduction. This process is specifically designed to plate a low, 1-3%, phosphorus-nickel alloy onto properly prepared substrates and is especially suited for functional engineering applications that require high as-plated hardness values.

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