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E-Brite 30-30

E-Brite 30/30 is an alkaline non-cyanide process that plates directly on steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, zincated aluminum, electroless nickel and most high quality properly prepared zinc diecastings in both rack and barrel installations. Lead alloys can be plated in rack lines. It is free of chelating agents. It eliminates the necessity of striking in cyanide copper. One bath serves as both a strike and a plate bath.


CUSTRIKE Alkaline Non-Cyanide Copper Strike

The plating process deposits a thin copper layer on steel, brass, and a variety of other non-zinc-based substrates. The process is used where the basis metal needs to be protected from subsequent chemically aggressive plating solutions.


CuFlex 320-H

The process produces a copper deposit with the desired properties required for electronic engraving and other applications.


CuFlex® 321

High Speed Acid Copper Process The CuFlex321 acid copper process has been designed for those special industrial applications where heavy deposits of ductile, smooth, and fine-grained copper deposits are required. It is especially beneficial for new copper base build-ups of cylinders used in the printing industry.


CuFlex 330

is a new technology process that employs clear, non-dye liquid additives to produce an exceptionally bright and ductile copper deposit with low internal stress and a high degree of leveling. These properties are of particular importance to those industries that are plating on plastics and where bright, leveled copper deposits are required. Because the CuFlex 330 process is non-dye based, no residual films are left on the copper that require special cleaning prior to subsequent plating.


CuFlex Acid Copper 402

The process has been formulated to produce copper deposits with the properties required for electronic engraving in multi-station operations as well as high speed plating machines at all levels of immersion.



is an enhanced hydrochloric acid stripping solution for the removal of chrome from copper-plated base cylinders. It is a ready to use solution for chemical stripping action that does not require D.C. power supply. CuFlex STRIPPER DECHROME-AC was specifically formulated to speed up the dechroming process while decreasing noxious fume formation.


CuFlex WA 300

is a wetting agent for use in acid copper plating operations where a reduced surface tension is required to minimize the effects of excessive organic contamination (pitting). CuFlex WA 300 has no adverse effects on deposit color, stress, tensile strength or ductility and is compatible with all Atotech CuFlex Acid Copper processes.


Cupracid® 300

is an acid copper sulfate plating process, which produces bright, ductile deposits exhibiting low internal stress and excellent leveling characteristics.


Cupracid® HT

is a sulfuric acid-based copper plating process that produces low-stressed, ductile, bright copper deposits. The additives are designed to operate at bath temperatures of 75-95o F (24-35o C) without any noticeable loss in quality.



Other products are available. Please call for information. 918-455-4411

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