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Cleaning & Acid Salts

ACTISALT Activator 515

ACTISALT Activator 515 is a free flowing, white powdered dry acid salt. When dissolved in water, it forms a solution that deoxidizes and activates copper, copper alloy surfaces and certain aluminum alloys. ACTISALT Activator 515 can be used for the following: 1. Deoxidizing of brazed or soldered assemblies. This will restore the copper appearance to copper parts, and enhance brass color at the surface of dezinced brass surfaces. 2. Improving the adhesion of nickel plate to parts plated in cyanide or acid copper. 3. As a chromate-free deoxidizer on certain aluminum alloys. Advantages of ACTISALT Activator 515 include: • Contains no phosphate, fluoride, ammonia or chloride • Contains no chromic acid or nitric acid • Part dimensions are not adversely affected • Easily rinsed • Not a contaminant in most plating solutions



ACIDEXTM PAL is the liquid version of ACTIM&T 300 and 300N Acid Salts. It is a blend of acidic materials and surfactants and is used primarily for activating steel, zinc and copper alloys prior to plating. In some cases, it can also be used for descaling in strip lines and for other in-progress applications. ACIDEX PAL is conveniently handled with transfer pumps. For large operations automatic analysis and replenishment is readily implemented. Unlike conventional mineral acids, dilution of ACIDEX PAL with water produces less heat. The normal precautions used when working with mineral acids should be followed.



ACIDEXTM 35 T is an inhibited blend of acid salts and activators that is used as a replacement for liquid acids in many metal-finishing operations. It is particularly recommended for metal conditioning operations and deep pickling for the removal of rust and heat scale. The working life of ACIDEX 35 T is maintained over long periods due to its high residual activity. This product is recommended for use on iron, steel, brass or copper.


Uniprep ACD-105

UniPrep® ACD 105 is a phosphorous-free, liquid concentrate, low acidity weld descaler that operates at near neutral pH in immersion processes. UniPrep® ACD 105 can serve as a precursor to paint pretreatment products such as UniPrep Adhesion Promoters or Interlox® coatings in Atotech’s paint pretreatment systems. UniPrep® ACD 105 is very effective at improving electrophoretic paint coverage and paint adhesion on welded and heat affected zones.


UniClean® AS-32-U

UniClean  AS-32U is a specifically formulated, triple acid salt mixture. It replaces liquid sulfuric acid solutions in pickling operations. UniClean AS-32U is used for applications where surface-active agents are undesirable. UniClean AS-32U provides quicker, smoother acid action on scales and oxides. UniClean AS-32U should be used where higher pickling activity is required. For normal pickling problems, UniClean® AS-30 (-30U) should be used.


UniClean AS-40

UniClean AS-40 is a mixture of dry acid salts designed primarily for pickling and activation of leaded copper and steel alloys using conventional cleaning cycles. It is excellent for pickling of leaded brass, leaded steel, tin- lead alloys, and pure lead. It is also a suitable activator for copper and its alloys following anodic cleaning. UniClean AS-40 U is an unwetted version of UniClean AS-40.


UniClean® Bio Soak and Spray Cleaners

Bioremediation is a natural process that we live with every day. Naturally occurring microorganisms have the ability to convert organic molecules into less complex innocuous substances such as carbon dioxide and water. The UniClean® BIO soak cleaning system utilizes microorganism bioremediation combined with highly emulsifying surfactants to consume and metabolize a wide range of oils and other complex organics from the working cleaner. The self-contained Biolyser module continuously monitors and maintains the temperature, pH and surfactant levels returning the cleaner to the soak tank in optimum condition. An economical, steady state, never-dump schedule is thus possible. UniClean BIO contains neither hard chelators nor alkyl phenol surfactants. Uniclean Bio products are available in soak and spray versions with high and low alkalinity.



LEC-201-C is a highly alkaline, liquid electrocleaner for use on steel. It contains surfactants and a water conditioner and is excellent for removing buffing compounds, polishing compounds and mill oils. LEC-201-C can be used as both a soak and electrocleaner in lines where one cleaner is preferred for both applications. It is an ideal cleaner for automatic feed systems such as those used in coil lines and by conduit-platers.



METAL CLEANER 373 is a dry, mildly alkaline, medium silicated, granular, water-soluble product that contains surfactants and a chrome-reducing agent. It is designed for electrocleaning zinc base die-castings, copper, brass and steel. It is used extensively where there is limited cleaning capability, i.e., no secondary soak cleaner is available. METAL CLEANER 373 can also be used as a cathodic electrocleaner for old and new nickel prior to chrome plating at low temperatures. It is particularly adaptable for bumper-replating where limited cleaning is available. Advantages of METAL CLEANER 373 include: • Long life • Little tendency for dry-on during long transfer lines when used at recommended temperatures • Excellent chrome-reducing properties, advantageous where racks are not to be stripped • Rinses easily and will not form scum, even in hard water • Acts as a barrier against organic contamination of copper baths • Reduces the quantity of non-pitter required in copper plating baths



ELECTROCLEANER 59 SPECIAL is an electrocleaner designed for use on steel where oils are involved. It also can be used as both a soak and electrocleaner where no rinsing is available between soak and electrocleaner, and where good oil removal properties and soil suspension are required. ELECTROCLEANER 59 SPECIAL is a dry, free-flowing, highly alkaline, highly silicated compound that is fortified with surfactants. Advantages of ELECTROCLEANER 59 SPECIAL include: • Excellent oil tolerance and wetting properties • Excellent hard water tolerance and rinsing characteristics • High conductance • No drying stains • Surfactants are compatible with subsequent plating solutions



UniClean® ELECTRO XK is a highly chelated, non-phosphated electrocleaner designed to condition heavy smut, scale and other complex and difficult soils to facilitate their removal in subsequent acid baths. UniClean ELECTRO XK’s unique surfactant system provides for a fast breaking foam blanket during electrolysis, excellent rinseability and superior soil carrying capacity resulting in longer bath life. This product will attack aluminum and zinc based die-castings.


UniClean EPS

UniClean EPS is an acidic, anodic finishing process which smoothes and brightens stainless steel and steel alloys. Mirror-bright finishes are achieved routinely. The treatment also reduces or eliminates burrs, produces radius formation, and increases corrosion resistance. The UniClean EPS bath is completely stable, has no volatile components, and is semi-sludging. Consequently, the bath has very long life and requires little interruption of production for maintenance or replacement.


UniClean® SOAK TS-L

UniClean® SOAK TS-L is an emulsifying, heavy-duty liquid alkaline soak cleaner that contains very high amounts of penetrating, chelating and emulsifying agents. It will rapidly remove a variety of soils such as greases, oils, carbonized material, paint, phosphate coatings, light rust and drawing compounds. UniClean SOAK TS-L can be used on high-strength steels. Hydrogen embrittlement will not occur as it does with acidic materials. It can also be used on precision steel, cast iron and copper alloy items without dimensional change or loss of strength and ductility.


UniSpray AAL

UniSprayTM AAL is a liquid acid cleaner designed for use in high pressure washing applications. Specially selected detergents promote quick penetration and removal of difficult soils to hasten processing time. This allows for lower operating temperatures. UniSpray AAL incorporates an effective and unique blend of acids to remove oxides, heat scale, flux residues and stains from ferrous and most non-ferrous substrates. After processing in UniSpray AAL, metallic surfaces will be lightly colored and smut-free. UniSpray AAL contains conditioners to allow use in hard water areas.


UniSpray SA

UniSprayTM SA is a highly concentrated, mildly alkaline liquid cleaner designed for spray applications. It can be used on all metals, e.g., aluminum, brass, copper, steel and zinc. Its unique formulation imparts high detergency along with fast penetration of hard and/or impacted oils. UniSpray SA contains no hard chelators and is exceptionally free rinsing.



ELECTROCLEANER 111 is a highly alkaline, high chelated, low silicated, low surfactant electrocleaner for steel. It is recommended where buffing and polishing compounds are encountered. ELECTROCLEANER 111 is effective on all soils including oil, if preceded by TM SOAK CLEANER 459, ALKALOX® 89 or NORCOOL® 149, where a rinse is present between soak and electrocleaner. ELECTROCLEANER 111 is not recommended for use on other metals. Advantages of ELECTROCLEANER 111 include: • Excellent smut removal ability, especially on tubular part • Excellent on buffing and polishing compounds • Good oil removal properties • Good soil suspension Important Notice Regarding the Attached Information:



ELECTROCLEANER 253 is a dry, highly alkaline, granular compound fortified with surfactants that is dissolved in water to form an anodic electrocleaner for copper plated parts prior to nickel plating. Advantages of ELECTROCLEANER 253 include: • Removes wetter films remaining after cyanide copper plating • Produces wet-out and an active surface for nickel plating • Can be used without an acid dip prior to nickel-plating • Promotes adhesion between copper and nickel plate • Rinses well • High alkalinity reserve protects against the introduction of cyanide or acid copper solutions • Has good resistance to organic contaminants



ELECTROCLEANER 79 is a dry, water soluble, free flowing, highly alkaline, low silicated compound fortified with surfactants. It is designed primarily as an electrocleaner for use on smutty steel and stainless steel prior to chrome flash. Advantages of ELECTROCLEANER 79 include: • Excellent smut removal • Free-rinsing • No drying stains • Excellent hard water tolerance • High conductance • Economical to use • Fair tolerance to oils



METAL CLEANER 280DD is a free flowing white powder fortified with phosphates and a combination of synthetic detergents. When dissolved in water, it can be used as a soak cleaner for ferrous parts in rack and barrel plating or as an anodic electrocleaner in barrel plating of ferrous alloys. Advantages of METAL CLEANER 280DD include: • Removes a broad range of soils • Allows soils to float to the surface of the cleaner for removal by skimming • Can be operated at a broad range of temperatures and concentrations • Keeps barrels clean, free of scale, soils and precipitated cleaner salts • Easy rinsing even under hard water conditions • Keeps the overflow on rinse tanks clear of hard water scale



TRI-MAX CLEANER LSC-349 concentrated liquid detergent is a key component of a soak cleaner for steel. When used with TRI-MAX LC-B in water, it imparts detergency, complexing of iron and emulsification of oils and greases. It provides a solution that can be easily treated without interference with metal hydroxide precipitation during waste treatment. Advantages of TRI-MAX CLEANER LSC-349 include: • Liquid concentrate, easy to pump, no dusting, no caking • 100% soluble in water, even at ambient temperatures • Low heat of solution - no boil over • Concentration may be maintained automatically by use of TRI-MAX conductivity controller and probe • No hard chelators; Kleer Aid products and other chemicals may be used to treat metal hydroxides without interference.



FERRODEX 440 SPECIAL is a white, granular, dust-free mixture of alkaline materials, surface-active agents and chelators, which provides a highly efficient heavy-duty electrocleaner for the removal of oxides, smut, compounds and oils from steel and ferrous metals before electroplating.



JETTM CLEANER 96-L is a non-silicated, alkaline compound based on a unique combination of surfactants and alkalis in a concentrated liquid form. It is designed specifically for use on steel where rustproofing is desired for indoor storage. JET CLEANER 96-L is formulated for use in spray washers at room temperatures. It can also be used on highly polished or finely machined work where a non-oily film is desired and no rinses follow Advantages of JET CLEANER 96-L include: • Good wetting promotes fast drain off, less drag out, and long life • Rustproofing is accomplished without the use of oils, solvents, chromates or nitrites. • Does not interfere with gauging operations since the rustproofing film does not build-up when parts are recycled through the machine. The film does not build up on gauges. • Good soil suspension - no redeposition of soil on work • Does not foam excessively in high-pressure washers at any temperature • A liquid product makes for ease in handling and dilution. • Does not contain amine or nitrosoamine compounds


ROPREPP WT is a liquid deruster concentrate fortified with surfactants, complexors and strong alkalies. When added to water and heated, ROPREPP WT will remove oxides from steel and iron. The iron or steel surface is protected against attack while the oxides are removed, therefore performing the function of an acid pickle without the danger of hydrogen embrittlement. Phosphate equipment such as nozzles, pipes, and heating equipment of steel or stainless steel can be descaled with a solution of ROPREPP WT. Since it contains detergents, it should not be sprayed, but rather used as an immersion descaler. Descaling of phosphate washers by pumping solution through pipes and nozzles of the washer should be done with acid. ROPREPP WT can also be used as a paint stripper and rust removing solution. Advantages of ROPREPP WT include: • Removes oxides in an alkaline solution without hydrogen embrittlement or formation of smut • Removes oil and shop soils as it removes oxides • Inhibits re-rusting of metal surface during processing and during part storage • Special iron only complexor permits easier waste treatment. • When added to water, it does not generate heat like powdered products.



ROPREPP 85 UNINHIBITED is a concentrated, liquid material added to an ordinary acid pickling solution that converts it into a multipurpose acid pickling cleaner which will simultaneously remove oil, grease, rust and heat treat scale from ferrous and nonferrous metals. ROPREPP 85 UNINHIBITED has also found diversified application in such varied fields as cleaning of zinc base die castings, prevention of water staining after cadmium and zinc plating, rinsing after barrel nickel plating, as an additive to chromate dips to prevent yellow staining, and as a flux remover from copper brazed steel assemblies. ROPREPP 85 UNINHIBITED is also used as a wetting agent booster in electrocleaner


Kemtex® 88

Kemtex® 88 is a blend of active alkaline materials with wetting and chelating agents balanced for fast, efficient removal of most soils. Kemtex 88 can be used as a soak, electrolytic, or tumbling barrel cleaner. Its ability to suspend soils without redeposition reduces contamination of subsequent processes. This property is especially useful in barrel plating. Although its alkalinity is relatively moderate, Kemtex 88 will often out perform high caustic, "heavy duty" electrocleaners in the removal of oil, grease, drawing compound, buffing compound, fingerprints and light oxides on steel, brass and copper. Kemtex 88 is one of the original non-phosphate cleaners with years of proven performance.




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