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Bright Nickel

REFLECTA Bright Nickel Process

Is a single additive, bright nickel process that produces brilliant leveled deposits while retaining a superior degree of ductility. The excellent leveling capability makes the REFLECTA process ideal for plating components requiring minimal nickel thicknesses.



Is a single additive nickel process especially formulated for barrel applications. REFLECTA 441-B can also be used for certain rack applications. Contact your local representative for more information.



Is a single additive bright nickel plating process for use in applications where zinc contamination is a problem, such as in the plating of zinc die-castings. REFLECTA DC contains the same brightener system as the regular REFLECTA process but employs a carrier that is more zinc tolerant.


Uni-Brite B-100

The nickel process is outstanding for producing exceptionally fast rates of leveling and brightening in decorative plating applications. When operated according to the following instructions, it will produce deposits with maximum rates of brightening and leveling on different basis metals. The brightener system is versatile and gives excellent results in Watts baths.



Other products are available. Please call for information. 918-455-4411

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