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Aluminum Processing


A granular, free-flowing, non-silicated compound highly fortified with surfactants that is designed specifically for use as a soak cleaner for aluminum and steel. ALKALUME CLEANER 143 removes light oils and light buffing and polishing compounds, and cleans and deoxidizes aluminum to produce a chemically clean surface prior to etching, bright dipping or welding.



A 100% active alkaline etchant containing chelating agents and an inhibiting grain refining agent. A stable low foaming surfactant is also incorporated to form a foam blanket to minimize spray from the gassing action.



A versatile liquid acid etchant useful for a wide range of aluminum metal alloys. Its mild etching action provides a uniform etch that is readily modified with adjustments to temperature and concentration.



A granular concentrate used to make a non-scaling, alkaline etchant for aluminum. The solution produces a semi-bright, fine grained, uniform finish on aluminum extrusions, wrought sheet and bar stocks. ALKALUME ETCHANT E is used for Alcoa Al-Rl, or Rl architectural finishes.



A liquid non-etching, non-passivating acid cleaner that contains wetting and sequestering agents. ALKALUME CLEANER AC-8 is designed specifically for use as an immersion cleaner for aluminum. There is no attack on the surface of the aluminum even after long exposures; the highly buffed areas will retain their full luster. ALKALUME CLEANER AC-8 has the ability to remove oily type soils, while also having the ability to remove buffing compositions.



An acidic, highly concentrated aqueous solution formulated to deoxidize, desmut and condition the surface of any aluminum alloy for subsequent processing. ALUMETCH LF is designed to reduce the amount of hazardous NOx fumes that are traditionally associated with TriAcid utilization. Contains no chromic acid.



A clear liquid acid that contains no chromates and is used to deoxidize and desmut all wrought aluminum alloys. It removes smut produced in cleaning and alkaline etching of wrought aluminum alloys, extrusions wire, rod or bar and heat treat scale from aluminum alloys. It can be used to deoxidize aluminum surfaces prior to resistant welding and conversion coatings. ALKALUME DEOXIDANT LN can also be used to brighten copper or copper alloys.


DeSmutter NF

A proprietary, nitric acid-free desmutting process for aluminum and its alloys. Its unique chemistry effectively removes the most difficult smuts generated in etching solutions. DeSmutter NF quickly dissolves undesirable smut(s) and is much less aggressive on aluminum substrates than nitric acid-based processes. Due to its mild action, DeSmutter NF has been shown to reduce pitting and open less porosity than conventional technologies. DeSmutter NF was specially designed to achieve the best possible surface conditioning when used with non-cyanide zincates. Chromic acid free.



A combination of high purity fluoride-bearing granular salts that replaces concentrated liquid hydrofluoric acid in pickling and activating solutions commonly used in metal finishing. It incorporates all the advantages of liquid hydrofluoric acid while eliminating its handling hazards. One pound (454 grams) of PREPALLOY will replace approximately 22 fluid ounces (650 ml) of liquid HF (52%) or 19 fluid ounces (560 ml) of 60% HF.


ALUMSEAL W-2000 Zincate Process

ALUMSEALTM W-2000 is a zincate process that produces a thin immersion film on properly cleaned aluminum alloy surfaces, such as aluminum wheels.



ALUMSEALTM ACTIVATOR BD is a highly stable solution for stripping zincate from aluminum. When double zincating, it is used to strip the initial zincate layer.



A cyanide-free liquid concentrate that is diluted with water to form a low concentration zincate bath for treating aluminum prior to plating. The ALKALUME PREPLATE 499 solution deposits a uniform immersion zinc deposit onto the aluminum surface, thus removing any residual oxides and preventing oxides from forming that can result in poor adhesion of subsequent metal deposits.



Alumseal 611 is a cyanide-free zincate process used for the pre-treatment of Aluminum alloys prior to electroless nickel and electrolytic plating processes (Copper, Nickel and other deposits). It is supplied as a concentrated liquid product which is diluted to make-up the working bath. Deposits a highly uniform and very thin immersion zinc alloy coating onto the aluminium surface and prevents the formation of an oxide film. Provides excellent adhesion between the substrate and the deposited metal. Alumseal 611 can help to extend the bath life of electroless nickel processes.


ALUMSEAL 650 Zincate Process

ALUMSEALTM 650 is a cyanide-free, concentrated liquid product that is diluted with water to form a working zincate solution. This solution is used as part of the treatment of aluminum alloys prior to electroless nickel plating. The ALUMSEAL 650 process deposits a highly uniform, immersion zinc coating onto the aluminum surface preventing the formation of an oxide film which, otherwise, would result in poor adhesion of subsequent metal deposits.



INTERLOX 5700 is a liquid phosphating compound designed to produce a non-chromate conversion coating on aluminum alloys. It is used as a pre-treatment prior to painting aluminum and as a base for bonding rubber to aluminum.


Interlox® 338

Interlox® 338 produces a trivalent chromium conversion coating on both wrought and cast aluminum alloy surfaces. This coating is designed to be an effective corrosion resistant replacement for conventional hexavalent chromates.



Chemeon TCP-HF Trivalent based product that provides corrosion protection, coating durability, paint and adhesive bonding, and, at a cost comparable to hexavalent chromates. The product was developed for use on aluminum but has been tested and proven effective on a variety of metals including zinc, zinc alloy, and cadmium plating. This product is designed for chemical conversion and anodizing seal applications.


TCP-HF EPA “Extended protection additive”

Chemeon TCP-HF EPA “Extended protection additive” is used in conjunction with Chemeon TCP-HF in chemical conversion applications. The product provides a more robust solution and increases salt spray resistance for difficult alloys such as 2024.



Chemeon TCP-HF SP Optimized version of Chemeon TCP-HF specifically for spray applications as a corrosion inhibitor in pre-paint, powder-coat and CARC applications. Much like Chemeon TCP-HF it can be used on a variety of metals. This product is designed for chemical conversion, spray applications.



Chemeon TCP-NP Another trivalent chemistry used for chemical conversion and anodizing seal applications. Provides excellent adhesive, bonding and corrosion characteristics and can be applied to a wide variety of metals. Chromic acid free.





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