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Is an ammonia-free process that produces a zinc-nickel alloy deposit containing 12- 16% nickel across a wide range of current densities. The low metal alloy bath exhibits excellent throwing power and produces a deposit exhibiting superior corrosion protection, typically over 2,000 hours neutral salt spray to red rust, with the correct thickness and post treatment.


Protedur Plus

Is an alkaline zinc-iron plating process that deposits a highly corrosion-resistant coating having a functional, semi-bright appearance. The process can be used in both rack and barrel plating applications.


Nicolloy® SnNi

Is a patented proprietary process for electroplating a tin-nickel intermetallic compound composed of approximately 65% tin and 35% nickel. This composition remains remarkably constant over a wide range of operating conditions and solution compositions. The coating exhibits extremely high corrosion resistance, even when relatively thin deposits are applied.


Atotech Coballoy

Is a proprietary process for electroplating a distinctive tin/cobalt alloy coating on decorative bright nickel. Depending on the substrate, the deposit appearance can be varied from a silvery gray to a bright, reflective finish resembling that of electroplated chromium.

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